Former MGCCC Bulldogs in professional football

Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College has a long tradition of sending players to the next level, and the same can be said for Bulldog alumni reaching the pros. The Bulldog football program has a long list of pro football players, including eight former Bulldogs currently on NFL rosters.


Isaiah Buggs, DL, Ruston, La. (Alabama)

MGCCC 2015-16

Drafted: 2019 6th Round, Pittsburgh Steelers

2019: Pittsburgh Steelers

Buggs' NFL stats



Martinas Rankin, OL, Mendenhall (Mississippi State)

MGCCC 2013-14

Drafted: 2018 3rd Round, Houston Texans

2018: Houston Texans

2019: Kansas City Chiefs

Rankin's NFL stats



Justin Evans, DB, Stone High (Texas A&M)

MGCCC 2013-14

Drafted: 2017 2nd Round, Tampa Bay Buccaneers

2017-19: Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Evans' NFL stats



Tramaine Brock, DB, Long Beach (Belhaven)

MGCCC 2006-07

Free Agent Signee, San Francisco 49ers 

2010-16: San Francisco 49ers 

2017: Minnesota Vikings

2018: Denver Broncos

2019 Arizona Cardinals

Brock's NFL stats


John Jenkins, NT, Meriden, Conn. (Georgia)

MGCCC 2009-10

Drafted: 2013 3rd Round, New Orleans Saints

2013-16: New Orleans Saints

2016: Seattle Seahawks

2017: Chicago Bears

2018: New York Giants

2019: Miami Dolphins

Jenkins' NFL stats

D'haquille Williams, WR, Laplace, La. (Auburn)

MGCCC 2012-13

2016 Free Agent Signee, Los Angeles Rams

2017-18: Edmonton Eskimos

2019: Buffalo Bills

Williams' CFL stats

Williams' NFL stats



Tom Johnson, DL, Moss Point (Southern Miss)

MGCCC 2002-03

2011-13: New Orleans Saints

2014-17: Minnesota Vikings

2018: Seattle Seahawks/Minnesota Vikings

Johnson's NFL stats 


Don Jones, DB, Town Creek, Ala. (Arkansas State)

MGCCC 2010

2013 Free Agent Signee, Miami Dolphins

2013-14: Miami Dolphins

2014: New England Patriots

2015: New Orleans Saints, Cleveland Browns 

2016: Cleveland Browns, Houston Texans

2017: San Francisco 49ers

Jones' NFL stats 

Cavellis Luckett, LB, McComb (Middle Tennessee)

MGCCC 2012-13

2016: Baltimore Ravens (injured reserve) 

Chris Mayes, DL, Griffin, Ga. (Georgia)

MGCCC 2011

2016: Free Agent Signee, Atlanta Falcons


Tramain 'Otis' Jacobs, DB, Covington, La. (Texas A&M)

MGCCC 2010-11

2014: Free Agent Signee, Baltimore Ravens

2014: Baltimore Ravens

2015: New York Giants

2016: Oakland Raiders training camp

Jacobs' NFL stats

Chris White, LB, Vancleave (Mississippi State)

MGCCC 2007-08

Drafted: 2011 6th Round, Buffalo Bills

2011-12: Buffalo Bills 

2013-14: New England Patriots 

2014: Super Bowl XLIX champion

White's NFL stats


Vick Ballard, RB, Pascagoula (Mississippi State)

MGCCC 2008-09

Drafted: 2012 5th Round, Indianapolis Colts

2012-15: Indianapolis Colts

Ballard's NFL stats 


Greg Jenkins, WR, Dade City, Fla. (Alabama State) 

MGCCC 2008-09

2013 Free Agent Signee, Oakland Raiders

2013-14: Oakland Raiders

Jenkins' NFL stats

Demond Washington, DB, Tallassee, Ala. (Auburn)

MGCCC 2007-08

2012-2015: Winnipeg Blue Bombers, CFL 

2017: Hamilton Tiger-Cats, CFL

Washington's CFL stats


Sammy Brown, LB, Wiggins (Houston)

MGCCC 2008-09

Free Agent Signee, St. Louis Rams

2012-13: St. Louis Rams

Brown's NFL stats

Cedric McKinley, LB, Demopolis, AL (Minnesota)

MGCCC 2006-07

Free Agent Signee, Minnesota Vikings 

2014-15: Edmonton Eskimos, CFL


C.J. Hawthorne, WR, St. Martin (Hawaii) 

MGCCC 2004-05

2009: Buffalo Bills Practice Squad


Dion Gales, DL, New Orleans (Troy)

MGCCC 2005-06

2009: Kansas City Chiefs 

Gales' NFL stats

Malcom Tatum, DE, Moss Point (Louisville) 

MGCCC 2007-08

Free Agent Signee, Carolina Panthers


Kelvin Bolden, WR, Ocean Springs (Southern Miss)

MGCCC 2008-09

Free Agent Signee, Washington Redskins


Alonzo Lawrence, DB, Lucedale

MGCCC 2010-11

Free Agent Signee, Detroit Lions

2013: Toronto Argonauts, CFL

2014: Edmonton Eskimos, CFL


Wayne Dorsey, DT, Baltimore, Md. (Ole Miss)

MGCCC 2008-09

Free Agent Signee, Oakland Raiders


James Carmon, OL, Baltimore, Md. (Mississippi State)

MGCCC 2009

Free Agent Signee, Baltimore Ravens


Antwain Spann, DB, Gulfport (Louisiana-Lafayette) 

MGCCC 2001-02

2006-2008: New England Patriots 

Spann's NFL stats

Dantrell Savage, RB, Columbus, Ga. (Oklahoma State) 

MGCCC 2004-05

2008-2009: Kansas City Chiefs 

Savage's NFL stats

Doug Gabriel, WR, Miami, FL (Central Florida) 

MGCCC 1999-2000

Drafted: 2003 5th round, Oakland Raiders  

2003-2006: Oakland Raiders  

2006: New England Patriots

Gabriel's NFL stats

Jamie Henderson, DB, Carrollton, GA (Georgia)

MGCCC 1997-98

Drafted: 2001 4th round, New York Jets 

2001-03: New York Jets 

Henderson's NFL stats

Nicky Savoie, TE, Matthews, La. (LSU)

MGCCC 1993-94

Drafted: 1997 6th round, New Orleans Saints

1997: New Orleans Saints

Savoie's NFL stats

Wendell Davis, TE/FB, Moss Point (Temple)

MGCCC 1994-95

1998-99: San Diego Chargers

Davis' NFL stats

Mark Hall, DE, Patterson, La. (Southwestern Louisiana)

Drafted: 1989 7th round, Green Bay Packers

1989-90: Green Bay Packers

Hall's NFL stats

Tyrone Jones, DB, Ruston, La. (Arkansas State)

1989: Philadelphia Eagles

Jones' NFL stats

Aubrey Matthews, WR, Moss Point (Delta State)

1986-88: Atlanta Falcons

1988-89: Green Bay Packers

1990-96: Detroit Lions

Matthews' NFL stats

Calvin Miller, DT, Gulfport (Oklahoma State)

1979: New York Giants

1980: Atlanta Falcons

Millers' NFL stats

Melvin Morgan, DB, Gulfport (Mississippi Valley State)

Drafted: 1976 11th round, Cincinnati Bengals

1976-78: Cincinnati Bengals

1979-80: San Francisco 49ers

Morgan's NFL stats

Tommy Boutwell, DB/QB, Hattiesburg (USM)

MGCCC 1965-66

Drafted: 1969 13th round, Cleveland Browns

1969: Miami Dolphins

Boutwell's NFL stats

Ed Khayat, DL/OL, Moss Point (Millsaps, Tulane)

MGCCC 1954

1957: Washington Redskins

1958-61:Philadelphia Eagles

1962-63: Washington Redskins

1964-65: Philadelphia Eagles

1966: Boston Patriots

Khayat's NFL stats

Jim Still, QB/DB/P, Panama City, Fla. (Georgia Tech)

Drafted: 1948 16th round, Chicago Cardinals

1948-49: Buffalo Bills

Still's NFL stats